VEGAN 2.0 Black Canvas and Faux Leather Holster Bag

by Jungle Tribe LA


VEGAN 2.0 Black Canvas and Faux Leather Holster Bag


Jungle Tribe Convertible Hip Bags are the highest tier of utility bags - check our reviews - the feedback and reviews say it all. Great for motorcycle riders, hikers, make up artists, dancers, cosplayers, travelers, festivals and everyday next level streetwear. Treat yourself to an original handmade Jungle Tribe bag - we stand by our gear and we treat our customers as family - as one of the tribe. You deserve it.

Capable of multiple ways to wear, our innovative designs include a strap that allows the bag to configure into a Hip Bag, Waist Bag, Thigh Holster, Fanny Pack, Shoulder Bag, Everyday Purse, Messenger Bag, BackPack, Thigh Bag, Under Arm Holster and Shoulder Holster.

Our bag design took the world by storm over 10 years ago and still with copycats popping up daily, there is only one Jungle Tribe. We use high quality materials and make everything in small batches, by hand. 

The Vegan 2.0 Bag is the second generation of the Vegan Friendly Bag. This bag features more subtle details with nylon webbing running down the center stripped with black matte rounded studs. Faux leather application accents the pocket and flap. The minimal studding and accents makes for a stylish and slick bag.



Front pocket: 5.5" at the top by 4" at the bottom by 1"deep

Back Pocket: 6" at the top by 5" at the bottom by 1 3/4" deep

Flat Zipper Pocket: 5" wide by 7" deep


One bag - numerous ways to rock it:

1. Around your waist like a belt bag-fanny pack combo.

2. Under your arm, like a shoulder holster.

3. Extend the straps for a shoulder bag.

4. For extra security on the shoulder bag option, you can then use another strap to attach it to your thigh ( great theft deterrent )

5. Backpack

6. Motorcycle Bag

7. Cosplay some Marvel Super Hero, why dontcha ?