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Jungle Tribe LA

TACTICAL STREET Pack Mini Messenger Bag Fanny Pack and Shoulder Bag

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. Constructed by deconstruction. Taking all your fashion misconceptions and destroying them in one quick swish of a matte black zipper, this fanny pack is more than JUST a fanny pack.

It's a shoulder bag, it's a cross-body messenger bag, it's a hip bag. You know how we do it at Jungle Tribe.

Sleek, sturdy, handmade from premium soft black leather - this is your urban adventure bag with a twist of explosive guerrilla street style and packed with an explosive design punch.

This multi-textured all black bag fits all your essentials perfectly. Strap it on and go. Made from buttery soft black leather, with a roll textured front and all black hardware topped off with an all black patch on the front.

The bag itself is 13" across, with a detachable strap that can extend to 30" Two pockets, both with zipper closures - one main front pocket that is 12" in length and 4.5" in depth, the backside pocket, also 4.5" in depth is about 9" in length. This bag also comes with a cardholder with an extra clip on attachment.

This versatile unisex piece is brilliant for anyone on the go who seeks a tech wear inspired hands free carry all.