Spread Love Not Germs Pink Cyberpunk Protective Mask

by Jungle Tribe LA

SPREAD LOVE NOT GERMS mask is a cyberpunk inspired statement piece that is made with soft premium garment leather, hand painted leather, silkscreened fabric, pink waxed cord for hand stitching, and casted silver spikes. The middle nose section is made with premium perforated leather, making the mask breathable. The middle layer of the nose section is lined with felt fabric that acts as a filter. The bottom layer is made with soft organic cotton that is comfortable on the face. This mask, like most Jungle Tribe pieces, is about form AND function. Lined with a soft breathable organic bamboo fabric, and secured in back by a velcro closure and stretchy elastic bands. And honestly, lets face it, this mask is not only functional, its fashionable. Here are the dimensions: - Front of Mask: 11.5" from side to side. 5" from top to bottom at center. - Straps of Mask: 5" total length. 3" of velcro - Approx. adjustability from 19" to 22" circumference. Made to order We make everything by hand, with quality materials, passion and love. Jungle Tribe gives you many thanks for supporting independent artists and designers like us.