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Jungle Tribe LA

Skull Vertebrae w/ Black Diamond Eyes Solid Silver Chain Bracelet

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Skull Vertebrae w/ Black Diamond Eyes Solid Silver Chain Bracelet A skull. Cast vertebrae. Black diamonds. Sterling silver. Say YES to this dark beauty. You may not even notice it at first, but the diamonds are inlaid "just so" that when the light catches, it appears to be winking at you. Or maybe it will freak someone else out. Either way : a skull and black diamonds. You knew we weren't just gonna make a skull piece, we had to one up ourselves. Let us know the length you require, otherwise the standard small will be sent. disclaimer : We DO NOT support blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. For our cut diamonds we mostly use breakout diamonds, which are pulled out of old jewelry and upcycled/recycled by us. All diamonds that we use which are not breakout come from sources that support the Kimberly Process. Check out the rest of the Jungle Tribe collection for bad ass gear to help you navigate your next urban jungle adventure or festival outing. We’ve got the goods on rock, punk, goth, steampunk and cosplay inspired accessories. Whether it’s a handbag, a harness or jewelry, let Jungle Tribe be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible statement pieces. And many thanks for supporting independent artists!