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Jungle Tribe LA

RWB Jacket

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Dead Kennedy's were always one of my favorite punk bands. So we decide to paint a DK symbol on the back. And exploited rules too. So we put an exploited patch on it. They are and always will be the definition of PUNK AF. More and more as I find myself entrenched in the resist movement, so I find listening to the early 80s punk pleasing.Hand painting and studding jackets is something that is really mediative, especially if sweat is dripping from your forehead and blood is dripping down your knuckles.

This SM women's jacket has removable sleeves so that it can be worn as a vest or a jacket.


1. Bust 30" circumference

2. Waist 30" circumference

3. Hips 28" circumference

4. Upper arm / widest part 12" circumference

5. Cuff 8" circumference

6. Length 21"

7. Shoulders 15.5" across

8. Sleeve length 22.5"