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Jungle Tribe LA

RESIST-TECH Leather Ninja Backpack by Jungle Tribe

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RESIST-TECH Leather Ninja Backpack by Jungle Tribe The future is matte black. (Well, to us it is.) For several reasons, we feel that the resist movement is real. We feel it, and now are apart of it, so much that it has influenced us in our design. When I was surrounded by 3/4 of a million people during a crowded women's march downtown LA, I began to feel more and more that the resistance that we are part of is real. And as a result, all I want to do is design pieces are critical to this movement. Tech wear is my muse, my new inspiration.

What is techwear?

Well, esthetically it has the look of a futuristic cyberpunk, but a bit more sophisticated. The idea is to mesh functionality and fit, with no sacrifice made for the sake of fashion when it comes to materials. For example, Instead of using cool black oxidized metal zippers, we opted for reversed waterproof zippers. Now form, function and value go hand and hand, as this bag fits to your body like a second layer of skin. As quoted from, "tech wear is built for a high-mobility urban lifestyle. Through clever tailoring and an embrace of avant-garde aesthetics, techwear is materials science innovation massaged into garments wearable enough for the high street." And that is exactly where I find myself, wanting to make stuff that is tailored to be on the move. 

My vision of the person wearing this bag is 1 part anarchist, 1 part hacker, 1 part street artist, with a side of intellectual genius. A peaceful warrior of sorts. Someone who is a free runner, leaping and rolling from building to building at night in an urban environment like a f@cking vigilante. Yeah thats right. As part of the resistance, you have to stay mobile, so you will need your laptop and cord in your backpack, fit snug against your body. The minimalist in a concrete jungle can survive, as long as there is room for the essentials, like a laptop and a spray can. The zombie apocalypse might not be happening just yet, but you still need to be ready. 

The RESISTANCE is real. Come with us and make a STANCE.

Fits devices up to 12.5 x 9 x 0.5 inches , has two pockets- one inner, one smaller outer. This is sleek and slim fitting pack. Epicene- made for any gender Let us know your measurements if you need a certain fit.