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Jungle Tribe LA

KAVALRY NET Convertible Cross Body Belt Bag Mini Messenger Sling Bag and Fanny Pack Passport Holder

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 Theres more than meets the eye in this convertible bag. Staying in tune with true Jungle Tribe fashion, this bag can be worn as a cross body mini messenger bag, a fanny pack or a side shoulder bag. With three multi-textured pockets including a unique play on durable netting and perforated leather, you can carry your essentials effortlessly.


The Kavalry Net Bag is crafted as such to not just be a bag, but it is meant to be used in display as a rebellion against fast - and often boring - fashion, and become a part of your everyday street tech wear.


Strap can be adjusted safely up to 46" in length and is secured by a hard plastic all black seat buckle clip.



Main pocket is 9.5" across x 5" deep

Middle pocket is 7"across x 4" deep

Outer pocket is 5.5" across x 3" deep