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Jungle Tribe LA

BLASTER 3.0 Black Leather Thigh Bag Hip Holster

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Our bag design took the world by storm over 15 years ago and still with copycats popping up daily, there is only one Jungle Tribe. We use high quality materials and make everything in small batches, by hand. No factories here. We design , source the materials, sew the samples, write the listings and quality test everything ourselves. 

One bag - but there are  numerous ways to rock it:

1. Around your waist like a belt bag-fanny pack combo.

2. Under your arm, like a shoulder holster.

3. Extend the straps for a shoulder bag.

4. For extra security on the shoulder bag option, you can then use another strap to attach it to your thigh ( great theft deterrent )

5. Backpack

6. I bet you can find more ways. *

The main strap measures 45" and has many options for adjustments. Let us know your measurements when you purchase, so we may send the correct straps! If we do not get a note with your order, we assume that our standard bag will suffice. You can then purchase custom straps or replacements at a later date if need be.



the big pocket is: 6.5" tall x 5.5" wide x 1.5" depth

the front pocket is: 5" tall x 4.5" wide x 1.75" depth

flat zipper pocket is: 8" tall x 4.5" wide x flat depth