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Jungle Tribe LA

Black Leather and Fabric Adjustable Adult Protective Face Mask With Filter and Ear hook

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The Leather and Fabric Face Mask is made with mesh fabric and soft black leather. The middle nose section has a leather strip that separates two honeycomb mesh fabric panels. The middle layer is lined with felt fabric that acts as a filter. The bottom layer and chin section is made with soft organic bamboo fabric that is comfortable on the face. Elastic lines the underneath chin fabric section, making it fit snug to the face. A rolled leather edge wraps the mask and leather is folded on the end. Elastic feeds through the leather section and wraps around the ears. A leather sleeve wraps the elastic. For prolonged use of the masks, the leather can help alleviate pain on the ears. The elastic is adjustable by tying a knot, and can be concealed inside so it isnt visible. You can also move the leather sleeve and just wear it with the elastic directly on the ears. Removable elastic and velcro Head Straps(Ear hooks) can be attached with snaps. For prolonged use, the Head Straps(Ear Hooks) can alleviate pressure on the ears by dispersing tension across the back of the head. Comes in Mens and Womens. Here are the dimensions: Womens (Size S/M) - Front of Mask: 9.5" from side to side. 4.75" from top nose to chin at center. 6.5" from top nose to chin. - 'Ear Hook' Head Straps of Mask: 5" total length. 3" of velcro - Approx. adjustability from 16" to 19" circumference. Mens (Size M/L) - Front of Mask: 13" from side to side. 5" from top to bottom at center. - 'Ear Hook' Head Straps of Mask: 5" total length. 3" of velcro - Approx. adjustability from 19" to 22.5" circumference. Our masks are all unisex, and are born from necessity : guard yourself from playa dust, germs, motorcycle exhaust fumes, overspray from paint cans, downtown pollution, chilly night air, identity protection and most importantly, zombies. Jungle Tribe gives you many thanks for supporting independent artists!