BLACK DIVIDE Black Leather 70's Inspired Bra Halter Top

by Jungle Tribe LA

BLACK DIVIDE Black Leather 70's Inspired Bra Halter Top 'Straight to the heart, cause you're too late, you need loving, in a bad way.' enter a beautiful girl, that knocks down my workshop door panting from running, with ripped and clawed clothes, just threads of shreds. " I saw a light on, so I came to you. I've been stalked and chased by a leopard, and you were the first sight of life that appeared from the jungle. I'm begging you please help me with something to wear and a place to hide from that wild beast." I respond, " All I have is this bra, its nothing fancy, but it should work". Just as she is about to remove her ripped shirt off over her head BANG. I snap out of my day dream and refocus, and wipe the drool off my mouth. I look down and realize that the progress of working on my bra sample is being put on hold by dreams of girls at my workshop door needing me to undress and dress them. i guess the old bon jovi cassette playing in the background could be partially blamed for this mind wondering. All of a sudden I lose track of time, and totally focus on the bra, and before you know it I'm putting on the perfect finishing touches. When the bra was sitting on my workshop table complete, I kinda felt like I should give Bon Jovi inspiration credit. But I can't exactly do that, because if I was influenced by Bon Jovi's style I would have ended up with silver pyramid studs, leopard print fur, tassels and a bunch of flair. Even though my head was dreaming about leopard scratches, Bon Jovi and girls needing loving in a bad way, I was really trying to keep the bra simple...but its actually full of lines divided with space, cuts, folds and darts. I think I achieved what I was going for, which was to make something that is overall simple and easy to look at, but still detailed when you take a close look, and straight up black. Most important of all, I wanted to make something that makes girls look hot, even when rocking out to Bon Jovi and running from leopards. i don't usually brag, but girls look hot in this bra, and that makes me smile, just as much as the thought of girls showing up at my workshop needing me to clothe them….. OUT OF STOCK SIZES CAN BE MADE TO ORDER Whether it’s a multi-functional handbag, Christmas gifts for him, Festivus gifts for her, a unique cellphone holder, mobile phone case , an artisanal necklace, a pair of handmade leather gloves or a leather bra like no other, let us be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible on trend and future fashion statement pieces. Check out the rest of the Jungle Tribe collection for something bad ass for your next festival outing : Burningman, Wasteland Weekend, Comicon, WonderCon - or maybe some streetwear or tech wear, rock, punk, goth, biker, steampunk and cosplay costume accessories. We make everything by hand, with quality materials, passion and love. Jungle Tribe gives you many thanks for supporting independent artists and designers like us. If you're looking for silver, semi precious stones, turquoise, crystals or unique handmade jewelry, we have some amazing pieces in our other shop : :