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Jungle Tribe LA

Black and White Handpainted Ninja Kombat Hood with Chains Jungle Tribe LA Collab

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A re-work of our iconic Ninja Kombat Hood, this futuristic tentacle laced and chained up vest is an underground, cavern dweller disguise. One part haute couture streetwear and two parts assassin, this leather vest invites intrigue and mystery, and mercilessly slays everything and everyone in it's path. Featuring a hand painted skull on the front, the Dust + Beau Two Headed Viper on the back, hand-stitched patchwork and our original, new design lightweight chunk chain as the piece de resistance, like our Resist Tech Ninja Kombat Hood, this also has a zip closure front and adjustable side straps to keep in tune with a refined and foxy silhouette.

Be forewarned that when you wear this, you're going to turn heads ( and maybe crack some necks ). Shrinking violets need not apply.

Standard Size fits 30-35" chest , with adjustable buckle straps on either side.