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Jungle Tribe LA

Anarchy Silver Chainlink Stash Necklace

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Anarchy Silver Chainlink Stash Necklace

A unique and powerful, statement piece.

Featuring asymmetrical eclectic chains that  link together to fight the establishment. A prominent silver Anarchy emblem hangs from this necklace, and below it, a powerful silver obelisk.

A silver lock embedded with the Jungle Tribe logo hangs from the chain, doubling as a secret stash compartment for party favors.

Available in plated alpaca or solid .925 Silver.

Two, small silver skulls, like shrunken heads, adorn either side of the necklace.

25" inches in total length on the largest setting, though it is adjustable with a hook and chain system. The length of the anarchy emblem and obelisk together are 5" inches long.