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Jungle Tribe LA

Thick Chain Necklace - Lightweight Design - Gold Plated or Polished Brass

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Thick Chain Necklace - Lightweight Design - Brass Tone Born out of necessity, this big chunky chain necklace holds a secret : it's been designed to be ULTRA comfortable. While appearing as a hefty piece, the brilliance lies within its lightweight design.

Features a seamless invisible slip through closure, that remains surprisingly secure no matter what your movements : whether you're out on the dance floor or out of your mind whistling down the highway on your bike.

This is your IDEAL all inclusive chain necklace. Each link is approximately just over an inch in length.

Epicene, clean and mean.

Your choice of finishes : unpolished ( matte ) or polished ( shiny ) . Your choice of length : 18" , 20" or 22" - Length is measured from end to end Model in pink top is wearing the polished version. Male model and female in army jacket are wearing the unpolished version.