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Jungle Tribe LA

Stash Lock Choker Chain Necklace

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This is our version of the classic punk ' chain-and-lock ' necklace, except we etched our Jungle Tribe logo on to the lock and gave it an extra function: the ability to hide your stash! The lock has latch on the back that when opened, allows a drawer to slide open. The drawer can be slid open part way, or it can be pulled out of the lock. Your stash can be safely concealed in the drawer, allowing you to discretely access it when you need it. convenient. discreet. safe.

This silver epicene accessory, made to hold secrets, is 15" in total length from end to end, with an interlocking closure with adjustability, and features a center plate with a hanging lock complete with the Jungle Tribe logo engraved on the front ( also perfect for your favorite person whose name starts with a J ! )

Stash it in plain site with the Stash Lock Choker Chain Necklace

This piece comes in silver plated brass or solid silver. Pick your poison. 925 Silver is made to order, allow 3-4 weeks for completion.