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Jungle Tribe LA

Slayed Life Military Army Shirt Jacket

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It started with a vintage military shirt. Then I reworked the pattern so that it fit. Then came slayer and the sequins. Millions of them.

Then came the red and gold leather. Intersecting angles of strapery. Then came the croc sections on the pocket flaps and lapels. Then came the stingray. Then came the vintage reworked gold pins. Then came the gold triangles to match the intersecting angles.

I didn't for a moment plan what happened, cause let's be real here, how could i ever plan a sequined slayer military shirt jacket with red and gold and black leather and stingray and croc and gold vintage army pins? That concept goes against everything that comes to mind when i listen to slayer. The thing just evolved by letting my hands do their thing. Lots of slayer and heavy metal music, drum n bass and half time bass music led me to a military stye work pace. So many solo red eye burnt late nights spent pushing through exhaustion to keep going.

I guess you call that a slayed labor of love?



2-3 weeks for completion