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Jungle Tribe LA

Silver Chain Stack Versatile Wrap Necklace and Belt

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A long and eclectic wrap-around chain necklace with versatile qualities. It features 3 distinct chain links, and a 3" silver obelisk hangs at the end. The wearer may wrap this piece around one's neck multiple times creating an illusion of multiple chains. There are many ways to wrap it, and each way gives a unique variation of chain composition.

The chain is even long enough to be used as an accessory around the hips, like a belt, or bound around one's ankle or wrist. Three sizes of links are used: small boxy links, medium rounded links, and larger rectangular links. The hook makes it easy to attach onto any of the links, making it very versatile. Y

you can have fun playing around with different wraps. Length: 55.5" Inches, including obelisk Width: 0.3" Inches Please message us if you desire a different size. Variations: Sterling Silver and Plated White Brass