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Jungle Tribe LA

Sculpted Punisher Jacket

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There was a period of time when Beau (my twin brother and partner in this so called madness that we call a business) had acquired a travel companion pass where he could fly anywhere in the world for almost nothing. And so that is what he did. For the entire year he was selectively flying all over the world, which I became quickly aware of through our credit card statements. The point of my meandering story is that throughout his travels, he picked up everything from crazy military pins from a market in Berlin, to rare hard-to-find animal bones from Sri Lanka. Eventually one by one he casted all of this memorabilia until it has started taking over our entire workshop. What you see on the back of the jacket is a result of all these pieces arranged in mandala like, symmetric style art sculpture. And now it is finally time to sell this art. That is what I have to say about this distressed studded classy AF punk inspired leather vest. Dust singing out, here is what Beau, the creator of this vest had to say about it:

Skulls, snakes, wings, military badges, spikes, crucifixes, arrows, axes and ornate filigree. Each of these casted components fused together make up the metal patch on the sculpted punisher jacket. It's like blasting through gothic/sacrilegious sacred geometry in a dark boneyard on a motorcycle on acid. Blaaaaahhhh bam. Buy the sculpted punisher and you'll find out more about what is in our heads, or lack there of. There is something that feels good when you take leather and rough it up. When you take leather and you sand it and dirty it up, you add character to it. I can't really say i have ever had the same feeling with fabric. Leather lasts. It holds up over time. It tells stories. When I was a kid i used to find old worn out leather jackets from thrift stores and cut the sleeves and mess with them a bit. This vest is a bit of a tribute to the old leather jackets I had when I was a kid. The leather I used is soft, so it has that already warn in feeling- that used to take a long time with the old school leather jackets. I call it the sculpted punisher. When I was a kid I was fascinated by biker gangs (Japanese in particular), Indian motorcycles and choppers, secret societies and underground networks. I used to dream up ideas for patches and emblems, sketching out my imagination on my math binder while i was supposed to be learning about fractions in school. Well I guess I followed my instincts and learned to work with my imagination and hands rather then become a mathematician or scientist. The sculpted punisher would never have been born if I spent all my time dragging chalk across a board.