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Jungle Tribe LA


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At the moment I am really into tearing apart old military bags, jackets, and parachutes. As you can see from the photos, there is nothing simple about this process. It takes time. But as you find out in life, things that take time and energy are worthy of it, if you are into in whole heartedly. When you get so into being creative that you completely lose tracking of time, you are releasing positive endorphins. And then you feel good. So although the price on this jacket does not adequately reflect the time I spent on it, it is ok, cause I had just as much pleasure making it as you will have wearing it. I waxed leather lapels and, added patches, straps, studs, grommets, etc etc.I am stating the obvious, I will let the photos convey the details.

This one of a kind bad boy fits a size L/XL.

Convo for specific sizing.