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Jungle Tribe LA

Neo Pack IPAD 2.0 Black Backpack and Multi Purpose Sling bag Leg Purse Cross body bag

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Slim and minimal bag by design, but expandable enough to hold all your valuables in one place. Four different ways to be worn, to suit the needs for your day. A versatile savior for you and your gadgets.

It has 2 backpack straps that can fold in when not in use, a top handle, and a cross body strap that doubles as a leg holster strap. Ample storage right at your fingertips, you can fit all ur needs within the front, middle, and back compartments.


-easy adjustable straps to change up the bag style-functions as a sling backpack, crossbody bag, top handle bag and leg holster

-the most storage available out of all jungle tribe leg holsters

-straps made with quality nylon webbing and cobra style clip fasteners

-4 storage compartments with enough room for tablet, devices, chargers, gadgets, wallet, and more

-YKK reverse zippers with convenient zipper pulls-side profile ring and clip fasteners for keys and other attachments

-minimal yet stylish design accented with black on black Japanese characters

Fits devices and tablets as large as an ipad pro 12.9”

If you arent sure if your tablet or device will fit, message us.

For custom sizing, message us.

Whole pack:

Height: 11.5”

Width: 9”

Depth: 5”

Front compartment:

Height: 9”

Width: 8”

Depth: 1.5”

Middle compartment:

Height: 11"

Width 9"

Depth: 2.5"

Back compartment:

Height: 11.5"

Width: 9"

Depth: 0.5"

Differences between So Kawaii Bag vs So Kawaii bag 2.0:

fits up to an Ipad Pro 11" vs fits up to an Ipad Pro 12.9" 1

sling backpack strap vs 2 strap backpack

1 leg holster strap vs 2 leg holster straps