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Jungle Tribe LA

Megalodon Shark Tooth Silver and Leather Choker

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Megalodon Shark Tooth Silver and Leather Choker This animalistic choker was designed as a wearable art piece - combining our two true loves : subculture style and prehistoric beasts. Minimalistic, yet intricate, this fossilized megalodon tooth is set on a silver base, affixed to our softest premium leather. Fun facts : Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon), meaning "big tooth", is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago Regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived. Check out the rest of the Jungle Tribe collection for something bad ass for your next festival outing, Comicon, WonderCon - or maybe some rock, punk, goth, biker, steampunk and cosplay costume accessories. Whether it’s a multi-functional handbag, a unique cell phone holder case, an artisanal necklace, a pair of bad ass leather gloves or a leather bra , let us be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible trendsetting statement pieces. Jungle Tribe gives you many thanks for supporting independent artists!