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Jungle Tribe LA

HIGH CONTRAST Black and White Punk Rock Leather Studded Cuff

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HIGH CONTRAST Black and White Punk Rock Leather Studded Cuff High contrast. Bold. Both the Yin and the Yang. Alive in duality, you know no labels. You are nothing and you are everything. That's how we felt when we made this piece. Representing both extremes with stark white leather and deep,blackest leather with inlaid studs throughout. Anarchy on your wrist. These are designed for both Him and for Her, and all points inbetween. Wear Jungle Tribe YOUR way. Adjustable in size up to about a 7.5" wrist diameter. If your wrists are bigger than this, send us the diameter of your wrist and we will make a bigger size for you. Check out the rest of the Jungle Tribe collection for something bad ass for your next festival outing, Comicon, WonderCon - or maybe some rock, punk, goth, biker, steampunk and cosplay costume accessories. Whether it’s a multi-functional handbag, a unique cell phone holder case, an artisanal necklace, a pair of bad ass leather gloves or a leather bra , let us be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible trendsetting statement pieces. Jungle Tribe gives you many thanks for supporting independent artists! If you're looking for jewelry, we have some amazing pieces in our other Etsy store :