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Jungle Tribe LA

Flight Division Up Cycled Fanny Pack Repurposed Convertible Messenger Bag

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Made with all vintage military and army materials. Everything from torn apart tents, parachute straps, coveralls, aviator flight suits, and military issue jackets. After the patchwork was finished, I covered it in straps, black oxidized studs, grommets, buckles, and other repurposed military do-hickies.

It has a front pocket that fits all phone sizes, and a large pocket for carrying everything else. It features vintage straps, oversized zipper pulls for easy access, and is adjustable in length. How did I come up with it? Well here is a little background: When I lived in Taiwan in 2003, I rocked a Stussy Tribe fanny pack hard, every single day. Eventually I upgraded to a military looking pack that I found in a night market. At that time, it was super popular in Taiwan for both guys and girls to rock big oversized fanny packs. It was a style unique to Asia, not necessarily what people were wearing in North America. Back then it was stylish, but also functional, as the city-scooter lifestyle dictated. Having your hands able to grab at your cell from the front pocket while riding your scooter was key. Fast forward to today, and it seems that everyone is wearing oversized fanny packs. And I am down with that. So what you have here is a rendition of my life in the concrete jungle from more than 15 years ago. Remixed and revised with everything current in my life.

Jungle Tribe is all about the functionality, built for life on the move. Straight outta the urban jungle.

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