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Jungle Tribe LA

Cyberpunk Rave Dinosaur DustandBeau x NiceCollective Men's Jacket

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We collaborated with the N.I.C.E. Collective, two guys that really lives up to their brand name. They are one of the dopest OG brands out there. Without any of us realizing at the time, we were living parallel lives. Both of us were deep into the wild jungle classics and warehouse raving when it was in its infancy. So naturally, 'Rave Ready Since '98' is printed on the front, paying an homage to the emerging underground music scene of the late 1990s. This collab is a colorful throw back to the g o o d times. This jacket took the energy, silhouette, and attitude of rave streetwear. \

We synthesized our Dust and Beau magic into it and painted a fierce raptor on the back. Adding an onslaught of hectic imagery throughout its surface, like a painting of Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors as a raptor (because let's face it, he kinda looks like a raptor), a third-eyed tiger to represent my nephew, a Los Angeles patch because home is where the heart is, and a couple skulls here and there, because why not?

Collaborations give you the freedom to do whatever you want cause there are no rules. Last but certainly not least, a Dust and Beau X N.I.C.E. collective patch on the shoulder in classic, para-trooper style, reminiscent of a military design. Why don’t you channel your B.D.E. (Big Dinosaur Energy) and roll up in this jacket!