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Jungle Tribe LA

Commander Cropped Military Mechanic Cotton and Leather Combo Jacket

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Guerrilla street style, with a militaria twist. Made from repurposed leather and vintage military mechanic jumpsuit sturdy cotton, this piece yields a perfectly unfinished hem and an ultra top secret side pocket that none would be the wiser to know what you're bringing to the party. A minimalist, high contrast sleek configuration pairs brilliantly defiant with your fave denim or toughens up that little black dress you would wear if only....


Please see Chart

1.Bust 32" circumference

2. Waist 30" circumference

3. Hips 28" circumference

4. Upper arm / widest part 12" circumference

5. Cuff 8" circumference

6. Length 18"

7. Shoulders 16" across

8. Sleeve length 22"