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Jungle Tribe LA

Colorful Punk Cage Harness

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We took the term “caged bra” to a whole new meaning with this Dust+Beau x JungleTribe collab piece. Because what is a cage without some metal chain, studs, and spikes?

Blessed by the Dust + Beau magic, the Jungle Tribe Lingerie Cage harness is now a guaranteed staple piece in your “How to dress like a Badass 101” handbook. She is heavily adorned with different colorful punk elements, like our silkscreen patches of fabric, spikes, studs, hand-painted detailing, and a long dangling chain, creating a kaleidoscope of punkery and heavy fuckery. We are *this* close to calling it Machine Gun Amy, cause how could you not imagine yourself as some chick named Amy, propped up with a machine gun on a speeding jeep in a post apocalyptic world shooting at zombies or evil monkeys or some shit? Amy is the real deal, be like Amy.

Let us know your measurements. Made to order