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Jungle Tribe LA

BONE BRAIDED Leather Bracelet

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I have an always expanding collection of bones and skulls. My workshop table is littered with skulls and bones. They are scattered all over, so sometimes when I pick up a bone I have a hard time remembering what animal its from, and what part of the body the bone is from. That's definitely the case with the bone that i picked up one day and decided to use for the bone braid bracelet. Its a snake bone, but I'm not sure which snake skeleton i pulled it from.

We used to make jewelry out of raw original bones. But we found ourselves using up a lot of our collection. Then we found out that if we wanted to sacrifice a bone we could make a rubber mold out of it, and take the wax and have our bone reproduced in a metal version, like brass or silver.

After getting the bones back from casting we found that the bones looked pretty good in a row. I put a scrap piece of leather through the bone hole and lined them up. I put it around my wrist and realized it could make a cool bracelet. Only thing was there were some sharp pieces that made it uncomfortable. So after filing one down, I sent it back to get a new rubber model and more casting done. Once i had the new casted bones I realized that the leather wasn't going to hold the bone beads. I tried braiding some leather to make a bit of thickness and all of a sudden I had something that was kinda sorta completely rad. Voila, there you have the Bone Braided Bracelet

Its adjustable with a sliding bone bead, made to fit a variety of wrists.

Measures 6.5 inches at it's tightest