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Jungle Tribe LA

BLACK STEALTH Leather Shoulder Holsters - Original Size -

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BLACK STEALTH Leather Shoulder Holsters - Original Size


These Stealth Holsters are a set of bad-ass black holsters that are easily accessible, with hidden magnets to keep the flap closed, and secret pockets that pull out of nowhere. So hidden, no one will find anything you have in there. Take a close look at all the pics-you'll never be able to see where it is- yet so easily accessible.


Made with nice soft black cow leather and black suede, accented with gun metal hardware. This listing is for the original smaller pockets:

The dimensions of pockets of these Stealth Holsters are as follows :

3" on the short side

4" on the long side

4.5" across top

5.5" deepest point ( from top to bottom tip )


For the bigger sized pockets to fit plus size phones, see the Black Stealth Holsters with Updated Pockets: