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Jungle Tribe LA

BLACK RAID Leather Harness Shoulder Holsters Resistance Tech Wear Vest

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BLACK RAID Leather Harness Holster Resistance Tech Wear Vest


The movement to RESIST is real. It doesn't matter if you are standing up to pepper spray at a peaceful rally, a ninja sliding your way out of an office after a botched computer hack, or running to jump onto a train with a spray can in your hand. The 1% are using the forces of money, power and corruption to manipulate, sedate and control the masses. As critical free thinkers, we are part of this generation that is not going to put up with what gets shoved down our throats. People who are racist, who treat women like shit, and those who lie, cheat and steal are becoming leaders in this world and that is just straight up wrong.


THE RESISTANCE is real and is happening NOW. We feel the resistance, and without a choice in the matter, we are a part of it, representing ourselves as critical thinking peaceful warriors that educate ourselves and question authority. The current state of the world and the need to resist has had so much influence on us that it has been channeled into our designs. PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE WHEN ORDERING.


As part of the resistance, you have to stay mobile and agile, while having the essentials worn tight on your body. In the anatomical design of the Black Raid Harness Holsters we took on the challenge of making something that allowed for movement, but that was also comfortable. We wanted to create a pocket that was slim and sleek to your body, while still allowing you to fit your life essentials, like mobile devices and chargers and money and cards and keys. Often a challenge arises when you try to make something functional, yet keep the item fashionable. With the Black Raid Harness Holsters we accepted this challenge. The result is an all black leather harness that is durable, functional, easy to use, and sleek. It is adjustable so that it can be altered to fit tight to the body, to allow for out-of-the-ordinary movement. The pockets themselves are slim and sleek, with a main pocket that is easily accessible with zippers. The angle of the pockets allows for easy access. On the outside of the main pockets are angled secret outer pockets that are secured with velcro. Above that is a D-ring that you can use to clip onto. Included in the pocket is a card holder with chain and detachable clip. The design of the pockets and the harness are streamlined with a slim look that is both functional and stylish.


The Black Raid Harness Holsters functions as both a harness and a holster. What you can't see in the photos is that the pockets are removable by the way of loops that snap on and off. If you don't need to use the pockets, you can use it as just a fashion harness, which is a great compliment to any outfit.



Measurements on the pockets are 6.75" x 3.5"x 1", and there is an additional secret pocket on the front of each ( the diagonal strap of leather across the front is actually a hidden pocket with a velcro closure )


The Black Raid Harness Holsters are just one piece in our RESISTANCE line, a new line of innovative TECH-WEAR accessories made to outfit the resistors (ninjas and protesters included). We are aiming to create items for people like us, who find themselves in the need to be mobile and active in urban and outdoor settings. As quoted "tech wear is built for a high-mobility urban lifestyle. Through clever tailoring and an embrace of avant-garde aesthetics, TECH-WEAR equals material science innovation massaged into garments wearable enough for the high street. Calling anyone and everyone who is into tech wear, whether it's through being a renegade or a graffiti artist, a resistance photographer, or an active wear free runner. Thanks for supporting the RESISTANCE.