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Jungle Tribe LA

Black Diamond Eye Silver Skull RIng

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This is the parent ring to the Dark Souls Skull ring - you're upping your game with this piece, as we have included black diamond clusters within each eye socket. Positively perfect and deliciously dark - this epicene skull ring is your new everyday underground accoutrement.

Made by hand from 925 silver, this skull is designed to be both bad a** and truly elegant. The grown up version of a classic biker ring with a JT cyberpunk twist. MADE TO ORDER - 3-4 WEEKS If you need a size not listed ( perhaps a half size ) please let us know and we will make that for you !

Disclaimer : We DO NOT support blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. For our cut diamonds we mostly use breakout diamonds, which are pulled out of old jewelry and up-cycled/recycled by us. All diamonds that we use which are not breakout come from sources that support the Kimberly Process.