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Jungle Tribe LA

Vulture Scavenger Hip Holster and Waist Bag

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Blacked out hardware throughout a base of bubble washed goat skin leather, this is a rugged bag, but with a pliable and luxurious, worn in feel. Ample room to carry your necessities, this is our roomiest - and our 'all-black-everything' leather holster bag that you've been asking for.

Spacious and lightweight, this is an ideal festival bag, especially when heading out to the playa, as the zippered compartments keep your goods safe, secure and dust free. Capable of multiple ways to wear, our innovative designs include a strap that allows the bag to configure into a Hip Bag, Waist Bag, Thigh Holster, Fanny Pack, Shoulder Bag, Everyday Purse, Messenger Bag, BackPack, Thigh Bag, Under Arm Holster and Shoulder Holster.

Our bag design took the world by storm over 10 years ago and still with copycats popping up daily, there is only one Jungle Tribe. We use high quality materials and make everything in small batches, by hand. No factories here. We design , source the materials, sew the samples, write the listings and quality test everything ourselves.


The standard waist strap that comes with this bag ranges from 24.5" on the tightest setting up to 41" on the longest setting.

The main pocket is 8" tall x 7" across

Front pocket under flap is 5.5" tall x 4.5" across

Back pocket is 9" tall x 6" across and can open to 4" or so