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Jungle Tribe LA

SNAKE BITE Brass and Silver Long Adjustable Unisex Lariat Y Necklace

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SILVER SNAKE BITE Lariat Necklace - A Signature Jungle Tribe Piece

We should really have named this the 'determination necklace' because that more accurately describes it.
It took us two years to finally work out all of the 'kinks' and come up with a finished piece. I could go into a bunch of detail about all the revisions, drafts and generations that represent the struggle, but I am not going to bore you.

In the end we came up with a piece that has become our signature accessory , crafted from its uniqueness. It can't be worn choker style tight around your neck or a little more open, but either way you will no doubt gain attention from wearing it. You will stand out in a crowd and that of course is the intention.

The necklace is 31" inches long