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Jungle Tribe LA

Shark Trip T-Shirt

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A shark ate my bottle of bleach and he vomited orange slime all over it. K thats my version of the story. Here's what really happened:

An underwater astronaut tames a great white shark and lives to tell the tale of a psychedelic underworld. What a legend, not only for taming the beast, but for doing it on soo many drops.This one-of-a-kind t-shirt is whimsically bleached (as in I just sprayed it like a dog on a street curb) and then adorned it with magical hand-painted skull patches, delicate flowers and one fabulous flamingo, (because everyone loves flamingos). The back of this shirt comes alive with a pink flower blossoming before a hand-painted portal of flames, guarded by ancient silver cyborg skulls.This shirt is ghetto, punk and a lil emotional, too. It be like that sometimes. Reworked. Bleached. Painted. Patched. Washed. Stitched. Adored.

Men's S/M or Women's Oversize Shirt