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Jungle Tribe LA

Rogue Commander

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The rogue commander. It's a jacket. There is a lot of tearing, swearing, burning, slicing, ripping, grinding, staining, distressing and stressing that goes along with with making this jacket. Blood, sweat, and tears. People feel our heart and soul when they wear our jackets.

As you can see from the the rogue commander has zip-off sleeves. it took us a while to figure out how to make sleeves that could zip on and off. It's a pretty handy feature, cause sometimes you just want a vest. Cause lets face it, vests are rad. Plus it takes us back to the days when we would cut the sleeves off of our old jackets. Whether you are more of a jacket or vest guy, you will probably fall in love with the distressed leather, casted bones, chains and all of the ripping, tearing, swearing, staining and battering that went into the rogue commander. rock it like you own it.

Please refer to the last photo to better understand measurements if need be.


1. Bust 40" circumference

2. Waist 40" circumference

3. Hips 40" circumference

4. Upper arm / widest part 17" circumference

5. Cuff 11.5" circumference

6. Length 27"

7. Shoulders 19" across

8. Sleeve length 29"