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Jungle Tribe LA

Ninja Kombat Hood Techwear Crop Top Vest in Jet Black Canvas

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Ninja Kombat Hooded Crop Top Vest in Jet Black Canvas

One part haute couture streetwear and two parts assassin, this leather harness vest invites intrigue and mystery, and mercilessly slays everything and everyone in it's path.

Featuring a utilitarian pocket on the back, a zip closure front and adjustable side straps to keep in tune with a refined and foxy silhouette, be forewarned that when you wear this, you're going to turn heads ( and maybe crack some necks ).

Shrinking violets need not apply.

The leather version featured in Season 3 of CW's Black Lightning along with our Metric Raven Bag.

Standard size adjustable straps fit up to a 34" waist, we can make custom sizes if need be. The pocket on the back is an inverted trapezoid with dimensions 7 inches deep, 7 inches across the top opening, and 4 inches across bottom.

Can be zipped up over the face or worn open - on top of clothing, or layered under clothing. A great and versatile piece for an all year long love affair.