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Jungle Tribe LA

KOVERT PACK Convertible Fanny Pack and Mini Messenger Cross Body Bag Passport Holder

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 Bag Suitable for both urban and suburban adventures, this bag will keep all your essentials close and secure - whether it be your money, phone and identification... or your compass and matches...or your sketchbook and Micron pens... this piece is everything you seek in a fanny pack with all of the style details you desire in an urban street couture bag.


Crafted from the softest leather we could find with hand stitched detailing on the front, this bag can serve both as a fanny pack and a mini messenger cross body bag. Theres just enough room for your essentials - keys, money and phone. Ideal to strap across your chest for a long bike ride or festival wandering.


This bag can be adjusted up to 50" and the strap has a seat belt clips closure from easy removal. The pouch itself is approximately 10" long and the main pocket is about 5" deep. The outer pocket is approximately 7" across and 4" deep. Single zipper closure for each pocket.