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Jungle Tribe LA

Dust and Beau x Erin Tate Cut off Denim Jacket Collaboration

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This a Sleeveless Denim Vest that we made in Collaboration with Erin Tate. We started with a denim jacket, cut off the sleeves and ran it through some stone and bleach washes so that we could give it the weathered frayed look. Then we added some black and white patches and some grey scale details and sent it over to Erin Tate. She threw down her artistic touch on the jacket, sending it into a totally different direction with color! Erin hand painted snakes with lips and fangs and skulls and flowers all over. We were so surprised and stoked to see the vibrant flare she crafted on to it. We love snakes, especially when they have lips and fangs, and we also love skulls. With a fresh vibe and direction, we then had the new challenge of tying in colors to compliment the new palette. We painted some patches that we drew inspiration from WW2 era bomber jacket and plane insignia. We actually tried a lot of different arrangements, often times stitching things down, and then pulling them off and the reposting and trying again. Eventually the randomness made a bit of cohesion with all of the patches, painting, leather application and straps.

Own this one of a kind piece and support two independent artists.

Chest fits 40/42" when fully buttoned

Shoulder to bottom hem measures 29"