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Jungle Tribe LA

Diamond in the Rough Spike Necklace

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We love diamonds in the rough. When they are in the raw form they have a distinct etherial beauty. The color is a distinct metallic shimmer, while each piece is unique, chunky and jagged in form.

This series of jewelry we appropriately titled 'Diamond in the rough.' In this series we combine raw, uncut, and unpolished diamonds with traditional cut diamonds in various rings and necklaces.

The contrast allows you to see what diamonds start out as, and how they end up after being cut and polished. Full circle. The multiple raw and rose cut diamonds are set in a jagged crack line in the silver tusk. We love how the clean silver lines combines with the cracked portal to a diamond dimension.

*FYI: We do not support blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. we use breakout diamonds, which are pulled out of old jewelry and up-cycled by use. If we use new diamonds, we only source from suppliers that are part of the Kimberly process, an agreement formed to stop blood diamonds and conflict diamonds.