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Jungle Tribe LA

BLASTER 3.0 Brown Leather Holster Shoulder and Hip Bag

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Capable of multiple ways to wear, our innovative designs include a strap that allows the bag to configure into a Hip Bag, Waist Bag, Thigh Holster, Fanny Pack, Shoulder Bag, Everyday Purse, Messenger Bag, BackPack, Thigh Bag, Under Arm Holster and Shoulder Holster. 

How did we come up with this bag?

Sitting on my workshop floor having visions of being a fighter pilot I began to think: 'If I had a top secret mission and the paperwork detailing this mission needed to be safe right next to my body, where would they go???'

*hmmm thinking inside my dreaming head*

In a pocket that was constructed out of antique brown leather with lots of straps and clips for safety, and not to forget rivets, brass hardware and chain for that post-modern futuristic style arising from the past. (and just a hint of snakeskin so as to not forget the jungle missions.)


How to wear this bag:

1. Around your waist like a holster bag.

2. Undo the straps and it can be also transformed into a bag worn like a side shoulder holster bag (secured in place with extra back piece included, see photo).

3. Extend the straps full size to be worn like a bag/purse. 

4. Add the bottom leg strap to the over shoulder configuration to create your own look or to detour theft.

5. Add an extra leg strap to wear as a backpack 

These are all totally different looks depending on how you need to present yourself. We feel that this is important because once you start using a belt like this, all your stuff belongs inside it and you do not want to have to switch it all to a different bag for a different look.

There are 3 pockets (2 zipper pockets and one flap pocket) which should be enough space for all your top secret mission details (or possessions). Get you goggles on, scarf around you neck, strap your bag on (literally) and get ready to blast.



The main strap measures 45" and can be used to fit almost any size.

Big pocket: 6.5" x 5.5" x 1.5" 

Front pocket: 5" x 4.5" x 1.75" 

Flat zipper pocket: 8" x 4.5" x 1" 


Jungle Tribe Convertible Hip Bags are the highest tier of utility bags - check our reviews - the feedback and reviews say it all. Great for motorcycle riders, hikers, make up artists, dancers, cosplayers, travelers, festivals and everyday next level streetwear. Treat yourself to an original handmade Jungle Tribe bag - we stand by our gear and we treat our customers as family - as one of the tribe. You deserve it.