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Jungle Tribe LA

Vintage Revival Pastel Pink Sake Silk Kimono Bomber Jacket Remix

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On a recent side-quest adventure through the back alleyways of Harajuku, we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall sushi spot between two blossoming sakura trees. Hanging on one of the branches of the cherry blossom tree was this kimono. It was salmon-flavored. A salmon-flavored kimono, repurposed into a stunning, salmon-flavored bomber jacket. We pulled the kimono apart. We utilized our women's bomber jacket pattern to trace out the remnants from the kimono fabric. Finally, we stitched the delicate pieces together, adding a soft, black rib knit on the collar and sleeves and a waist band. Only quality zippers were used for the pockets and front closure. For the lining we used super soft black satin silk sutra. If you love salmon sashimi like us, this bomber jacket is for you.

Fits a chest up to 34" when zipped

Length from shoulder to bottom hem is 22"