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Jungle Tribe LA

Venomous Vegan Viper Snakeskin Motorcycle Jacket

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The name speaks for itself really, the Venomous Vegan Viper is all talk and no walk (because it mostly slithers). Gives you the impression of pure Badassery with little to no murders involved. This jacket is made out of faux python snakeskin material, completed with a badass Jungle Tribe skull decal on its left breast, and its piéce de résistance lies on the cyberpunk-esque patches of fabric stitched onto its back.

The PVC adorned scene features a typical Japanese cyber night, slightly shining and reflecting with each movement, due to its transparent cover. Some fun fabric patches are also casually thrown on there, pieces of a bandana, printed leather, and a conspicuous Suicide Silence patch mysteriously found its way into the busy night life...