Tri Zipper HOT PINK Leather with Silver Hardware Backpack Fanny Pack and Hip Bag

by Jungle Tribe LA

TRI ZIPPER Pink Leather with Silver Hardware Backpack Fanny Pack and Hip Bag We wanted the bag to be sleek, but still be able to hold enough stuff. We know that you are all used to wearing big purses, and we want you to wear your bag every single day, so we made a separate attachable cell phone holder, with 2 pockets, one suitable for change, lipstick, ,keys, whatever it is that you want easily accessible. It also has a card holder that is attachable with chain. Each of the 3 zipper pockets have individual separated compartments. DIMENSIONS: Bag starts at 2" inches at the top and goes up to 9.5" inches at the bottom The middle zipper measures 13" inches Both side zippers measure 7.5" inches When bag is fully stuffed it can stretch to about 5"-6" in volume Small Strap Pouch: Front pouch measures 3.5" inches across by 5" inches tall Side zipper pouch measures 5.5"inches long and 3.5" inches across Removable card / phone holder that measures approx 6" x 3.25" This is a story about a small backpack that can be worn as a fanny pack. Some of you out there might have been around during the fanny pack era. I remember it well, I was 9 years old.... I always felt invincible when I wore my fanny pack. I felt like I belonged in the movie RAD, it was awesome. I was rocking that look hardddd. Fanny packs were so cool for dudes to wear. But for girls, it was different. All the older girls that I would spy on at the hockey game wore small sized backpacks. I always thought they were so cool. They didn't fit that much in them, so they weren't that functional, but they looked so cool, and how much stuff did you need to pack around at that age anyway? Thing is, they just looked so cool. It was definitely a girl look, so I continued to have small backpack envy while I rocked my fanny pack. Fast forward until now where I see all this hipster chicks wearing small backpacks agin. And then you see the festival girl who has jut figured out that wearing a fanny pack is cool, and functional. Most of them were still crapping in diapers when these bags were cool the first time. So I decided to merge the 2 looks together (backpack and fanny pack) in our classic jungle tribe style. I wanted it to look more biker than hipster, something tough, but still rad. So I came up with this bag, something fresh, a new look. You can wear it as a backpack or fanny pack, and with the extra strap worn around your leg you have the hip holster style. Tri Zipper Back Pack Black w/ Brass Hardware : Tri Zipper Back Pack Red w/ Pewter Hardware : Tri Zipper Back Pack Black w/ Silver Hardware : We also sell this in a black canvas material! Check out the rest of the Jungle Tribe collection for bad ass gear to help you navigate your next urban jungle adventure or festival outing. We’ve got the goods on punk, rocker, goth, biker, steampunk , cosplay and Mad Max apocalyptic inspired accessories. Whether it’s a handbag, a harness , lingerie, leather gloves or jewelry, let Jungle Tribe be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible statement pieces. Everything here is designed and produced out of pure passion. Many thanks to you for supporting Jungle Tribe and independent artists!