Tactical Air Command Camo Hat

by Jungle Tribe LA

Tactical Air Command Camo Hat Camouflage. Tactical. Adjustable. Vintage Tactical Air Command Patch hand sewn onto a camouflage trucker hat. Camo goes with everything. Add camo = instant bad a**. Trust us. We're professionals. Your choice to have the additional red hand stitching or plain. Check out the entire Jungle Tribe collection for something bad ass for your next festival outing, Comicon, WonderCon - or maybe some rock, punk, goth, biker, steampunk and cosplay inspired accessories. Whether it’s a multi-functional handbag, an artisanal necklace, a pair of bad ass leather gloves or a leather bra , let us be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible trendsetting statement pieces. Jungle Tribe gives you many thanks for supporting independent artists!