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Jungle Tribe LA

Pop Division 2.0 Hand Painted Leather Jacket

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The POP Division 2.0 is a round two of the younger sister, the original POP Division Jacket. Like the original, it serves up repurposed militaria and hand painted art, on a next level motorcycle meets stage performance patterned jacket. No stone was left unturned and no art rule was left unbroken with this piece. Everything we love has been incorporated into the POP Division, in a mash up of color. Cool tones begin in the piece in the front that open to a brightly decorated lapel with graffiti. Endless patches and hand-drawn characters cover this piece, from woven, embroidered, silk-screened, to hand painted. It scans and amplifies all niche genres, with skulls, koi, third eye tigers, phoenixes, Japanese katakana, lightning, Chinese dragons, missiles and even giant emotionally driven yellow monster eye ball hand-painted on the back of this piece. Pink, purple, orange, red, and shades of aquamarine jive together, highlighting all of the diverse elements. It's a bit of discovery of satisfaction within organized chaos. Talk about raw love. We are all in this together. Remember that.

This jacket can go with anything - but the jacket itself IS EVERYTHING. Soft yet durable black leather makes up the base of the jacket, complimented with a soft silk lining for maximum comfortability

Fits a 32" chest when zipped.Length is 20" from shoulder to bottom hem in front, tapers longer in back. This design has extra long sleeves with a zipper that goes all the way up from wrist to shoulder