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Jungle Tribe LA

Ninja Turtle Green Dyed Leather Hood

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Not all ninjas need to be inconspicuous!  We really don’t see a reason to discriminate all the color loving ninjas out there. I mean, look at TMNT, they’re green turtles ffs! We’re not saying that you’ll suddenly grow an unhealthy affinity to pizza or sit around playing video games all day, but if they say green is the color of envy, then this hand dyed leather hood confirms that theory to a T.

The splashes of blue that finds itself throughout the piece puts an over-all earth like feel, bringing a welcomed touch of color to the dark and secretive life of an every-day ninja. Created with miscellaneous patches of leather, and high quality gold zipper and buckles, this hood also features a quintessential built-in mask. Ready to keep you safe from the dangers of coughing strangers.

Oh right, the hood is also detachable!

Cowabunga Dude