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Jungle Tribe LA

M6-K Jacket

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This is a green army jacket that we made with a huge assortment of deconstructed vintage military gear. If you add the value of all of the vintage components we used on this jacket it is worth much more then what we are asking. There is so much history behind every single component on this jacket. We love the old worn look of army gear, from the slightly rusted metal components to the worn out straps to the hand written name patches. This jacket is a reworked amalgamation of pulled apart old jackets, flight pants, jumpsuits, flight suits, duffel bags, gas mask bags, gear bags and backpacks. All of the items have been well used spanning a bunch of different military positions from different sides of military positions from all over the world. By deconstructing old military gear we have learned so much about sturdy construction and design. Whenever possible we re-use military grade stitching and assembly techniques, since military shit is built to last.

We started by dissecting an old sub tropical weather military jacket, called the M6 fishtail parka. it is very rare jacket used in the Vietnam war made of a lightweight fabric designed for the tropics. We have traveled to military surplus warehouses all over to search for fishtail parkas and rarely find them. For the jacket we recut the pattern of the lightweight green military fabric and reworked it into our M6 style jacket pattern. It is complete with a canvas lining that is just the right thickness, and just the right softness. It makes for a really comfortable jacket. We are kind of detail freaks, so we went to town a bit on this jacket with details. We finished the front with a vintage military zipper we pulled off of another jacket, and added a zipper pull. On the side arm we attached a zip pocket detail that we pulled from am old paratrooper suit. The suit was old and worn in the right way, with faded olive army green fabric. On the front we constructed new pockets with leather and and old canvas that we scavenged from an old army bag. On the pocket flaps we reused old woven straps that we pulled from an old backpack and parachute pants. We decided that it would be cool to have a hood that you could pull out when you need it, but keep it hidden when you don't. On the back collar is a zipper that you open to access the hidden hood. Its made from an old parachute and stretch rib knit, so it can be stretched to fit the desired length.

On the back of the jacket is a removable backpack. This is something we have never done before. It is attached to the jacket under the patch with hidden snaps, and the straps go over the shoulders and attach to the front of the jacket. If you want, you can also remove the backpack and just use it as a bag. All you have to do is unsnap it from the jacket, and clip the fastener from one strap to the D-ring on the other strap. They are also adjustable to different lengths, depending on how low on your body you want the bag to hang, by way of snaps on the bottom of the bag.

To construct the bag we pulled the pocket body from an old multifunction rucksack and then added a thicker weight canvas backing to give it strength. We cannibalized the straps and clips from old gas mask bags. On the front and back of the M6-K jacket are old patches we pulled from the bottom of duffel bags. The names and military division are hand painted usually with stencils. As the photos show, each jacket we make will have different patches on them and different strap details and variations. If you would like to purchase this jacket we hope that you truly appreciates the blood sweat and tears we put into making them, and honor the blood sweat tears and stories scattered all over the diverse military components we compiled to make up this jacket. FIST PUMP



1. Bust 46" circumference

2. Waist 42" circumference

3. Hips 42" circumference

4. Upper arm / widest part 18" circumference

5. Cuff 12" circumference

6. Length 30"

7. Shoulders 21" across

8. Sleeve length 25.5"