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Jungle Tribe LA

Anarchy Love Leather Bomber Jacket

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Who would have ever known we would make a baggy bomber jacket with sequins and patches and a hand painted tribute to Soo Catwoman and her iconic punk haircut on the back?

We sure as heck didn't. Sometimes pieces just kind of morph into themselves, with a mind of their own. Often we catch ourselves looking at each other and shrug, why not? There is a whole lot of irony that a baggy blingy sequined leather bomber could be adorned with skulls and bones and vertebrae and a hyphy colorful display of the UKs punk fashion past.

We are aware of the potential for backlash that could come up against this. This piece could in itself signify that punks dead, but we aren't gonna go down with that title. We are forever inspired by our up bringing and our experience with punk music, from the message in the lyrics to the underground style that people like Soo Catwoman brought to the forefront.

But there is also a part of us that have recently been attracted to sequin stage wear, so our inspirations sometimes get intertwined on the same piece. Call us crazy, or maybe just a little remixed in the head....

Chest fits up to 40" zipped.

Length from shoulder to bottom hem is 22"