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Jungle Tribe LA

All In Twisted Fire Starter Cropped Leather Jacket with Repurposed Army Fabric Sleeves and Hood

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The All In Twisted Fire Starter is a Cropped Leather Jacket, with Repurposed Army Fabric Sleeves and Hood. Soft yet durable black leather makes up the base of the jacket, complimented with a soft silk lining. For the sleeves and hood, we pulled apart vintage military mechanic suits to repurpose the fabric. The hood is removable with snaps, cause why the heck not? The jacket is riddled with a range of patches, from woven, embroidered, silkscreened, to hand painted. It scans all genres, with tigers, flying flaming eyeballs, dragons, skulls with colorful teeth, skeletons, and flaming cobras.

The theme of the jacket is that everything can go together. Its not a theme that I came up with when I started, it's a theme that came together as all of the elements presented themselves along the way. I mean who would have ever thought that an embroidered pink flamingo could sit on vintage woven fabric, or that a silkscreened graffiti inspired Jungle Tribe patch could be accented with Japanese fabric, or that a vintage green military patch could go with pink leopard print? And that hand painted flaming cobras could peacefully exist with flying eyeballs and dragons? I guess sometimes I challenge myself half through projects without evening being aware Im doing it to myself. With random stuff scattered all over, I have to figure out a way to tie it all together. Kind of like figuring out a way for Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin to get along, it can be a tough challenge. Luckily, I was able to keep everything at peace by scribbling lyrics to Prodigy's Firestarter, and by hand painting Japanese katakana and flames. I guess I learned along the way that you can look more at what feature tie things together, rather then focusing on the features that draw them apart More then ever, life on this planet is showing us that we are all in this together, and that we can not only all get along despite our differences, but we can be inspired by our differences. Just the same way that music, art and fashion can be remixed, so can our thoughts. Im the one infected. Twisted animator. Im the fear addicted. A danger illustrated. I am a firestarter.

Chest fits up to 30" when zipped

Length from shoulder to bottom hem is 15"