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Jungle Tribe LA

Unicorn Rider Vintage Leather Bomber Featuring Draping Spiked Straps

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Nothing really makes sense anymore, and thats maybe why this jacket works. Emblazoned with a brilliantly pink sequined Unicorn of Doom on the back - forget the Four Horsemen, this is the Harajuku sign of the apocalypse. Keeping the dream like color scheme of teal, pink and ethereal lavender, this piece incorporates those heavenly colors with winged skulls, florals and a bit of netting - and not to be missed are the giant spikes set on the shoulders , draped with spiked straps that wrap around each arm.

We went full dream state with this one. With " We control the night " written down the front, prepare for dark adventures in this one of a kind masterpiece.

Please refer to the last photo to better understand measurements if need be.


1. Bust 32" circumference

2. Waist 32" circumference

3. Hips 30" circumference

4. Upper arm / widest part 12" circumference

5. Cuff 8" circumference

6. Length 23"

7. Shoulders 14.5" across

8. Sleeve length 22"