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Jungle Tribe LA

Vintage Revival Pink Floral Candy Explosion Kimono Bomber Jacket Remix

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Worn in the early 19th century by the spunkiest Geisha of all of Japan, Kandi-chan, was known for her PLUR vibes. She was always bringing flowers and candies to the children of neighboring villages. She disappeared one day; some say she returned to the Land of Ever-Blossoming Eternities. Through an act of divine fortune, this vintage, Japanese kimono found its way to us. We felt enamored by the phantasmagorical array of flowers, pinks, dark blues and greens creating a sweet-tasting contrast across the landscape of the jacket. Minty pinwheels, silvery shimmers and sunbursts explode across the delicate fabric. Suddenly, a kawaii voice whispered to us... it was the spirit of Kandi-chan, begging to be reincarnated into a dope, modern bomber jacket. How could we say no?

We pulled the kimono apart and repurposed it, utilizing our bomber jacket pattern to trace out the remnants from the kimono fabric. Finally, we stitched the delicate pieces together, adding a soft, black rib knit on the collar and sleeves and waist band. Only quality zippers were used for the pockets and front closure. For the lining we used super soft black satin silk sutra. If you enjoy embodying reincarnated souls of Geishas, this bomber is for you.

Fits up to a 38" chest with a length of 25" ( from shoulder to bottom hem )