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Jungle Tribe LA

Unicorn DreamWeaver Vest

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This leather bound unicorn dreamweaver fantasy is the personal wet dream of someone who knows exactly where the, “It’s so fluffy iM gOnNa DIE!!” quote came from, but also enjoys the occasional mosh pit rave mayhem on a Thursday night out. Dreamweaver is a cross pollination between vaporwave, (cyber)punk, anime, and saturday morning cartoons on an accidental micro dose. If there is one thing that you can learn from unicorns is that anything is possible, including my wildest dreams; which is to mix and match a bunch of my favorite imaginations in my head and fuse them into one art piece. It’s like putting all your favorite toppings on a pizza, eating the pizza, and then throwing it up and making art out of the puke. (well maybe not, i think the micro dose is kicking in. wait...feels macro)

Adorned with everything a toxic masculine-motorbike-wielding-fiend would detest, this hand painted vest is the celebration of life itself with its slew of floral deco, hand painted acrylic detailing, pastel colors, embroidered patches, and an arrangement of child-friendly accessories. Aside from the giant fluffy Unicorn that sits innocently on its back, the vest also happily accommodates some detachable fun loving friends on its shoulder.

We’ve also not forgotten to line the fitted moto vest with a soft silk satin lining, and include some unorthodox long slanted pocket on the front so you can fit a bunch of stuff, as well as adjustable hyphy colored lacing on the sides, to put a touch of practicality to this dream.